Bing is Faster Than Google!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Apparently, the previous post has been indexed by Bing in less an hour!

Comparing to Google: only Jumptags result (another proof that Google likes social boormarking websites and indexes them on the fly; however Bing seems to be much faster with pages indexation!)


Bing vs Google - User Interface Comparison

Finally the new Microsoft Decision Engine Bing is available for users! I have an opportunity to test the UK version of the new engine and can compare Bing to Google.
The following review covers main user interface features of Bing compared to Google.
1. Google interface was reviewed in full-features mode (Show options... and More text features ON)
2. Bing was reviewed as is, no extra options selected.

Screenshot 1. Bing User Interface Overview

Screenshot 2. Bing User Interface - Review Panel

Screenshot 3. Google User Interface Overivew

Features Comparison

1. Navigation Panel: Refine Search options
Navigation panel on the left appears on Bing default interface; to get this option in Google a user has to click on Show options link.

Bing: Related searches only
Google: a user can refine search by content type, time, more text or switch on standard view options

2. Pay-per-Click
Quite standard, no change here for Bing.

Bing: yes, on the right (can be at the top)
Google: yes, on the right and at the top

3. Search Results
In standard view Bing is no difference to Google; when More text in Google is switched on Google provides extended content preview options.

Bing: a nice rollover feature to preview the website content. Less information than in Google is provided
Google: a user has to switch an option ON to view extended website snippet.

4. Extra Features
Bing: no extra features in the results (so far)
Google: News results are included into the SERP

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Bing Video Demo (from Microsoft)

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Bing is planned to be released in the next few days, on the 3rd of July. So far some of the decision engine can be previewed in a demo video from Microsoft


Bing - Decision Search Engine from Microsoft

On May 28, 2009 Microsoft officially unveiled Bing - new search engine to substitute MSN and LiveSearch. Bing from Microsoft will be available for US users and a beta version will be launched for UK users since July 3, 2009.

In Bing official press-release Microsoft claims that the new search engine will be a decision engine rather than mere supplier of data for a selected query.

Bing will have a convenient and extremely user-friendly interface which will make web search easy and fast even for inexperienced users.

The following BING features have been announced to be launched:

  • Explorer Bar - enhanced navigation bar which shows related searches, searches history, search categories, etc.
  • Enhanced Related searches functions - Bing is supposed to have an intelligence behind which will help users refine their searches in a couple of clicks and narrow the search down to the desired results rather than just typing query after query.
  • Organized search - Bing is supposed to have a very structured and categorized output in return to users queries. The results will take into account user location, niche, time of the year, etc.
  • Blended output - Bing is positioned as a Decision Engine which means it is planned to be extremely helpful for finding answers rather than providing data. Price comparison, online booking, user reviews, rollover website previews are among the features Bing will have to accomplish this mission.


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